RuTelco, Inc., took off for Russian Federation projects

10/28/2011 12:07


    United States based companies Kiva Networks, Inc., and Falcon Networks occupy a leading position in the U.S. market for the development and deployment of broadband technology, including the use of solar energy. Customers are private individuals, private and public companies, local governments, federal military and civilian agencies in the U.S. and abroad. Partners who manufacture equipment for specific projects allow Kiva and Falcon to offer ready-made package solutions at prices below their competitors. 

    In 2011, management of the companies (; decided to establish a subsidiary specifically for the markets of the Russian Federation and countries of former Soviet Union. In July 2011, after preliminary negotiations with representatives of Russian telecommunications industry including system integrators, financial institutions, mobile operators, governmental agencies and conduct of market research in the United States was incorporated a new company RuTelco (RuTelco, Inc.,) doing business as Ru Telecommunications. (Ru Telecommunications, Inc.,)


    Ru Telecommunications is seeking a partner for joint enterprise in Russian Federation to share its knowledge and experience within Russia and other countries of former Soviet Union. Legal services for the project are being provided by Serbinin Law Firm LLC.